Daniella, originally from Austria, has lived across North America and New Zealand. It’s those work and travel adventures she draws inspiration from. A continuous state of awe drives her insatiable curiosity.

The female artist has already made her mark in the graphic and digital space as Founder/Creative Director of her ‘DG Brand’ studio, operating on a domestic as well as international level. Following her acclaim she thrives as painter creating artworks that range from abstract themes to landscape subjects.

…her collective experiences and wondering mind her creations result in transformative pieces of art allowing the beholder to escape into her transcendental idealism.

Landscape Art: Her landscape paintings are based on photos she took. The use of oil colors allows her to take the time to put herself back and relive that very moment. She visually captures that experience by showing the beauty of nature in its aesthetics of colors and light. Her motives are as different as her many adventures throughout the seasons.

Abstract Art: When creating abstract art compositions often come together in an unconscious way. Exploring different techniques, she often uses bold brush strokes expressing a respect for the uncontrollable while combining them with calm hues. This way she attracts opposite emotions and perceptions offering room for the spectator’s subjective interpretation.

Feel free to get in touch via email if your are interested in buying one of the paintings, or if you just like to reach out!