Originally from Austria, having lived in New Zealand & Canada, I am very much inspired by my travels and am always eager to learn about and experience new things.

Being a Designer/Creative Director I’ve always enjoyed doing something creative away from the computer as well; letting loose and getting hands-on can be very liberating, fostering new inspiration for either medium.

I like being inspired by the moment, current mood or circumstances around me, feeling an urge to ‘just create’. Therefore, my work varies from landscape to abstract art. I like being free in choosing which materials to use and work with, combining them to create something new and unique.

Landscape Art: Most of my landscape paintings are based on photos I took during my travel adventures. When painting those I use oil colors, which allow me to take the time to put myself back in that moment and relive being in awe by the beauty of nature.

Abstract Art: When creating abstract art things just come together naturally, and behold the feeling of some sort of destruction that is silently overshadowed by ‘a way out’, a way of looking ahead, a way of being free.

The process of creating an artwork and seeing it become is magical, especially moving others with it is the utmost fulfilling.