Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains & Frozen Lakes Feeling the fresh cold winter air? Get lost in a peaceful winter wonderland landscape with snowy mountains and frozen lakes. Material: Canvas (60 x 50 x 1cm) Mediums: Oil Read More

Hidden Falls

HIDDEN Falls Have you ever been on a hike to a waterfall? You know it’s there, you might even hear the sound of the water and then when it’s finally in front of you, you’re in awe of the beauty mother nature has to offer. Material: Canvas (60 x 80 x 2cm) Mediums: Oil Read More

Secluded Ruins

Secluded Ruins Inspired by the picturesque hike in the Central Otago valley in New Zealand. Ruins of a left behind gold mining site. Material: Canvas Mediums: Oil Read More

Far Away

Far Away Material: Canvas (50 x 20 x 0,5cm) Mediums: Acrylics, Crackle Paint Read More

Mount Cook

Mt. Cook (NZ) Imagine driving on an open road, a huge almost turquoise lake to your right, when you turn a corner Mt. Cook in front shows up from the distance and  simply captivates you. Material: Canvas (70 x 50 x 2cm) Mediums: Oil Read More

Split Apple Rock

Split Apple Rock New Zealand Adventures Material: Canvas (70 x 50 x 2cm) Mediums: Oil Read More


Tekapo Discovering road off the grid. Material: Canvas (60 x 40 x 1,5cm) Mediums: Oil Read More